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We import high quality and branded Pharmaceutical and Food Supplement products from the world to country that fulfills the Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority Standards.

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Food Supplements products

  • Paradox babies

    Be smart from the start, give your baby the best possible start in lifeParadox Omega Babies provides a safe and effective way for babies and toddlers to obtain essential Omega 3,6 9 & vitamin D3 and E. No additives and no concentrates, 100% pure and natural ingredients. Unique & easy to dispense measured dose simply concealed within food, just squirt and mix into yogurts and smoothies - virtually taste free!

  • Paradox mums

    Totally natural and pure Paradox Omega Mums is the clever safe and effective way to start your family. Paradox is specifically formulated to provide nutritional solutions for women before, during and after pregnancy. Omega 3 is essential for the growth and development of baby and well-being of mum. Omega 7 helps prevent intimate dryness before, during and after pregnancy.

  • Paradox mums DHA plus

    Paradox unique and balanced formula made from sustainably sourced oil is proven to protect essential fatty acids. Paradox Omega Mums DHA + is the perfect food supplement to ensure you and your baby obtain the correct amounts of natural DHA, Folic Acid and Vitamin D3. 100% pure & natural

  • Paradox Cardio 3TG

    A new solution to maintain a healthy heart naturally. Paradox Omega 3 Cardio TG is totally natural totally pure with no side effects. One a day capsule providing 775mg Omega 3, high strength stabilised EPA & DHA plus RDA Vitamin D3. Developed alongside the topmost UK Department of Biomedical Sciences

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